Thursday, August 12, 2010

Caught an Error?

Just watched 56: Between a Yuk and a Hard Place 12/13/1988 5 - 2

The music listings on the Moonlighting Episode guide ( say that the version of “Up, Up and Away” used on the episode is by The Fifth Dimension. Well, I know what the Fifth Dimension sound like, and it wasn’t them. I’m sure it was Engelbert. Now, why would they make a mistake like that? Sure, the Fifth Dimension had the major hit, but lots of other people recorded it, including Andy Williams.

It is possible that I’m wrong, I do sometimes misidentify singers. But Engelbert has a pretty distinctive voice and style. I’m going to try to track down a record of “Up, Up and Away” by him, just for my own satisfaction.

Found it!

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