Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shorthand Adapted from Braille

I have adapted the system of Braille contractions and short-form words to a shorthand for use on Twitter.

Single Letter Contractions

B but
C can
D do
E every
F from
G go
H have
J just
K knowledge
L like
M more
N not
P people
Q quite
R rather
S so
T that
U us
V very
W will
X it
Y you
Z as

Multi-Letter Contractions or Short-Form Words

ab about
abv above
ac according
acr across
af after
afn afternoon
afw afterward
ag again
agst against
alm almost
alr already
al also
alt altogether
alth although
alw always

bc because
bf before
bh behind
bl blind
blw below
bn beneath
brl Braille
bs beside
bt between
byd beyond

ch child
chn children
concv conceive
concv conceiving
cd could

dcv deceive
dcvg deceiving
dcl declare
dclg declaring

fst first
fr friend

ei either

gd good
grt great

herf herself
hm him
hmf himself

imm immediate

lr letter
ll little

mch much
mst must
myf myself

nec necessary
nei neither

o'c o'clock
onef oneself
ourvs ourselves

pd paid
percv perceive
percvg perceiving
perh perhaps

qk quick

rcv receive
rcvg receiving
rjc rejoice
rjcg rejoicing

sch such
sd said
sh shall
shd should
st still

td today
tgr together
th this
themvs themselves
tm tomorrow
tn tonight

wd would

xf itself
xs its

yr your
yrf yourself
yrvs yourselves