Monday, January 07, 2013

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Week Ending

It hasn’t been the greatest week. It’s only fair to say, it  hasn’t been the worst, but  I’m glad it’s ending. Haven’t been feeling too perky.

Breezing through the Georgiana Rannoch books – currently on Naughty in Nice, the fifth in the series. Still enjoying them, though the  boy crazy friend Belinda is beginning to wear a little thin. After this I’ll be caught up, having come in with Book 6, The Twelve Clues of Christmas. Suppose at that  point I’ll have to return to more substantial reading fare. But I’ll worry about that when the time comes.

In the outside world, Patty Page died this week. R.I.P.
Here’s my favorite of her  songs, “Old Cape Cod.”

Friday, January 04, 2013

Staying Power?

Had a good writing session Wednesday evening. Also doing well maintaining the Rosary and the two sessions on the elliptical. Despite the persistently sore hip, making progress at increasing the time. But Thursday was definitely not a good day. Friday was better, but not great. Tired and really don’t want to do anything but listen to my audiobook. I hope Saturday is better!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Like A Herd Of Turtles

Got started on the new story. No title yet, not even a working title, just a filename. However, it is started, which is something.

In the interests of research, I used my googling skills, such as they are, to look for Much Lovering, the name of the village – tentatively situated in Devon – where our heroine eventually ends up. Astonishingly, there doesn’t appear to be anyplace with that name in England. Doesn’t it sound like a quintessentially English name? That’s better though. If it’s wholly fictitious, I can set it up just as the storyline requires. So, in a way, that’s a relief.

Will be some time till we get that far. Need to get through our heroine’s unhappy life in W. Mass. I have it all laid out in my mind, but sometimes translating from mind to paper (computer screen) is more challenging than one would think. However, it’s still early enough for me to be optimistic.

Haven’t written yet today. Hope to get an hour or two in before bedtime.

On the other hand, I didn’t remember to say the Rosary yesterday but did today. Hope I have the staying power to stick with it. Not only is praying good for the soul, it’s good for the body too. My mother says saying the Rosary lowers her blood pressure, and I also find it calming.

Also doing well with the exercise. Put in two sessions on the elliptical today. Also am able to sustain longer. I’m hopeful that ten minutes at a time may be within reach.

Not all the news is good. Spent the evening buying MP3 music and CDs. Only two CDs though, and the MP3 music was mostly single songs, only one album. So the final cost wasn’t as bad as it might have been. Still, that’s something else I need to watch.  * sigh *

Well into Royal Flush, the third Georgiana Rannoch book and loving it.

That’s probably enough of my mindless rambling for now.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Beginnings

It’s a new year, which traditionally calls for new beginnings.

Tonight I’ll start a new story. Today I’ll start getting serious about exercise and, after my birthday and the lemon Meringue pie Patty usually brings, a bit of weight loss as well. This year I am going to beat the pernicious habit of using bad language. And I’m also going to get back into the good habit of praying, saying the Rosary every day if nothing else. And I’m going to finish * something * - preferably “World Enough and Time.” Didn’t finish anything at all last year.

Not very ambitious goals perhaps. But then I’ve learned to set the bar low. Here’s hoping I have the perseverance to achieve them, modest as they are!

On a more lighthearted note, I’ve discovered a new series, the Royal Spiness books by Rhys Bowen. They are delightful Mystery/Romance stories set in 1930s London. Always love finding new books! They are definitely Chick Lit, but if you enjoy that sort of thing, I recommend them highly.