Friday, November 01, 2013

Is it November already?

I've been jumping around in The Chronicles of Narnia, now on The Horse and His Boy.

Because I slept all morning, I didn't hear till late about the shooting at LAX. Not sure I really want to know the details, but will check the BBC in a minute. Can't help being bewildered whenever another of these atrocities takes place. How? Why? Also, when are Americans going to realize the necessity of strict gun control laws?

As to the title, here it is the Feast of All Saints. I read somewhere that in Medieval England the Christmas season more or less started November First, with the king moving to his winter residence and preparations starting. Even with such a precedent, though, I'm not willing to get into the swing of Christmas till December First. Let November be November, such as it is.

One person killed in Los Angeles airport shooting

OK, someone explain to me how, with all the security measures in place at American airports, someone was able to walk into a terminal at LAX with an assault rifle in his bag? Needless to say, I would also like to know what the devil anyone needs with an assault rifle?

It is interesting to note that this was not a random act of violence. The shooter targeted members of the Transportation Safety Administration. For a wonder, he was wounded but not killed by police. When he begins to talk, I won't be surprised to find he has a grievence against the TSA. Not that such is an excuse! But it is a change from indiscriminate slaughter of random people. Again though, it's hard to shoot people if you don't have access to fire arms!