Saturday, December 06, 2014

Trying to Get the Feeling Again

Since we missed A Charlie Brown Christmas when it was broadcast this year, Sis and I watched it last evening, rather late, on DVD while drinking cocoa. Now, that's more like it!

Today we went to have our hair done. The shop had a small Christmas tree and just enough decorations to be festive but not enough to be garish. That, too, helped put me in the holiday spirit.

No snow today, as had been forecast earlier in the week, but there was rain and what might have been sleet. Not too jolly, but definitely wintery. The current forecast doesn't call for snow flurries till Thursday. But, there's still plenty of time for serious snow, a la "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..

1 comment:

listener said...

I forget, did you get a White Christmas?

I hope so as it looks less likely this year, with the El Nino. We might have to watch Frozen instead. ;-)

Let me know when you add a new post and I'll try to be more attentive!!