Saturday, February 11, 2006

Kudos for Edwin: From the HEP blog

Puddle's Edwin was reviewed in today's Wall St. Journal--

The same caveat applies to the acting. Most of the performances in "The Right Kind of People" are cartoonish, albeit agreeably so (Keith Jochim and Evan ******** are especially sharp as an odious pair of arch-snobs). But Edwin C. Owens, last seen in the Irish Repertory Theatre's unforgettable revival of "Philadelphia, Here I Come!," is so believable as Frank, the upper-middle-aged businessman whose 40-year marriage is unraveling, that he seems to have wandered in from another, better show down the street.

AND there was a photo of Edwin and 2 of his co-stars. He's identified as 'Ed Owens.'
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