Thursday, July 08, 2010

Earliest Hominids in Northern Europe

Archaeologists are working on a site in Norfolk, in Great Britain, that they believe was inhabited some one million years ago by Homo antecessor, making it the oldest known human settlement in northern Europe. They have found stone tools and even pinecones and pollen. They deduce from the latter that the climate at that time was similar to that of modern-day Scandinavia, and though they have not yet found physical evidence, they conjecture that the inhabitants must have used shelters and clothing, and perhaps tamed fire.

Humans' early arrival in Britain


ROC REV said...

Ah, in fact it is all about 97% conjecture based on what some scientists "believe" which rests on a vast foundation of opinions based on assumptions dependent upon a dis-proven theory.

Catreona said...

Well, that's one opinion. I don't share it, just as you obviously don't share mine. Reasonable people can differ.