Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Week So Far

I’ve submitted “Spirits from the Vasty Deep” to the NFB Writers Division /fiction Contest. Need to find some poems too, but since the contest doesn’t close till April First, there’s time for that.

Started work on a new song, filename “Easy Listening.” No lyrics as yet, so no real title.

Took a look at “The Lady of the Stars” and made yet another start at casting into verse the version of “Silver Sheen” that Gillian sings or recites at the court of the Witch Queen. None of my previous attempts have met with success, but it has to be done. This time I chose Rhyme royal. Actually got two stanzas written, but they are dreadful. No idea how I’m gonna get this task done. But as I say, needs must. Gillian is acting as harper or minstrel, so the tale she tells needs to be in verse. * shrug * I’ll tell you one thing. Struggling with narrative verse increases my already high respect for Chaucer, Coleridge, Tennyson and other masters of the craft. How on earth one can tell a story while adhering to iambic pentameter and a strict rhyme form is totally beyond me. It’s an art I’ll have to master though. Wonder if there’s a course I can take or a book I can read on the subject? Must look into that.

Also took a look at Marooner’s Haven. Made a change to the chapter where Charlie buys the painting and comes across Mrs. Morrow in the gallery. But there’s so much more work to do! So many inconsistencies to work out and connections to make and background material, mainly on social conditions on Nova Britannia, to include that the prospect is terribly daunting. Still, I’m tired of piddling around. This year is going to be the year I finish the thing!

Got started on another quiz on Engelbert’s music for Fun Trivia. This one’s called “Dancing with Engelbert.” Believe it or not, it was a struggle to find ten songs with a form of the word “dance” in the title. Fortunately, though, I managed it. There are plenty of such songs in general circulation, of course, so finding red herrings (incorrect answers) for each question isn’t going to be a problem. The quiz is going well. Researching all the answers, both correct and incorrect, is what takes time. Now the lords of Quizziland demand “additional info” on every question; so I like to give info on each of the four choices. That’s what I mean by research, and that’s what takes time. At the same time, that’s what makes creating each quiz interesting. Selecting the topic and thinking of, or searching out, the song titles and lyrics to fit it isn’t hard. It’s writing each question in an engaging manner and finding all the info that’s the fun part for me. I hope to have this quiz submitted by the end of the month at latest.

Put up two YouTubes on Sunday, with a current combined view total of 35. That brings my grand total of YouTube uploads to eighty-three, with total upload views of 46,409. Amazing! And it’s surprisingly satisfying to know that my simple little “videos,” if you can call them that (most are just the song with a still or album cover), get so many views and give so many people such enjoyment.

Speaking of enjoyment, I finished Allen Steele’s Coyote Horizon this week. When I first started reading his Coyote stories in Asimov’s I wasn’t all that enthusiastic. Over the years, though, I’ve gotten hooked. The fictional planet of Coyote is so lovingly drawn, so minutely detailed that, especially for longtime readers of his tales, it seems as familiar as Earth, though full of constant surprises. I highly recommend Steele’s books.

Mostly this week I’ve been spending time feeding CDs into iTunes, discovering ones I didn’t know I owned and rediscovering ones I’d forgotten. In the process, I’ve been able to make a much needed start at organizing my CDs. The stack of those that can be gotten rid of is small as yet, naturally, but it’s there. The problem then becomes how to get rid of them. Don’t particularly want to sell them, though I’ve bought so much on ebay recently that they say I have so many – fifty was it? – free listings. So, I’ll think about it. Would rather give them away though, especially duplicates of Engelbert’s CDs. We’ll see.

Tomorrow’s my birthday, and I’m really feeling the pressure to get my act together. Forty-eight! Yikes! Time is running seriously short on accomplishing anything, making my mark, making it. Gotta get going!


listener said...

Busy Birthday Woman! :-)

puddle said...

48? pfffft! I met Edwin the year I turned 64. . . .

And you've *already* made it in the hearts of those who care for you!

Have a Happy, birthday gurl!

Catreona said...

Ah, thanks you guys. *sniff*