Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Updating Music

I love my Crosley CR72 Mission Stack-O-Matic Entertainment Center, though mine is in cherry. It's easy to use and has great sound quality. Most of all, I love the stack-o-matic feature, what is sometimes called a record changer. There's nothing better than putting on a stack of LPs and kicking back to enjoy them. And yet...

And yet, you want to share the music you are enjoying. CDs can be imported into iTunes and from there made into videos and uploaded to YouTube (always assuming YouTube doesn't block them). But so many LPs haven't been reissued on CD. It particularly seems that a lot of Engelbert's LPs haven't been reissued. And an LP is analog, by its nature cut off from the digital world...until now.At Hammachar Schlemmer I found a record player you plug into the computer and, with the included software, convert your vinyl to digital. It's wonderful!

So, I've made a start and have already put up my first vinyl-to-digital transfer on YouTube:

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